giovedì 12 maggio 2016

SUPRome...the 25 photos

The Tiber river descent starts on the 25th of april of each year, the 1st of may the paddlers cross all the city along 25 km and 25 bridges...below 25 photos....more or less

 The bus towards the departure point

The group 
 The initial breafing
Check on the gear
Boards pomping
Glorifying the drone god... 
 In the water
 The Fab 4...from Umbria in Roma after 250 km
8 y.o. 
 8 y.o.

 The paddlers
 The river walls
 Ponte Milvio...2.000 y.o. brige
 Isola Tiberina rapids
The chief for the safey on the water
The testing for 500 meter-long frieze on the walls
 Escorting the old roman boat!
 The portage for the rapids
Castel Sant'Angelo
 Keep it easy
 Ponte S. Angelo
 On the river and in the river
The etruscans