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SUPRome...the 25 photos

The Tiber river descent starts on the 25th of april of each year, the 1st of may the paddlers cross all the city along 25 km and 25 bridges...below 25 photos....more or less

 The bus towards the departure point

The group 
 The initial breafing
Check on the gear
Boards pomping
Glorifying the drone god... 
 In the water
 The Fab 4...from Umbria in Roma after 250 km
8 y.o. 
 8 y.o.

 The paddlers
 The river walls
 Ponte Milvio...2.000 y.o. brige
 Isola Tiberina rapids
The chief for the safey on the water
The testing for 500 meter-long frieze on the walls
 Escorting the old roman boat!
 The portage for the rapids
Castel Sant'Angelo
 Keep it easy
 Ponte S. Angelo
 On the river and in the river
The etruscans

mercoledì 6 gennaio 2016


The International Tiber Descend (DIT) is a yearly paddling event lasting approximately one week, crossing central Italy, along the Tiber river, from Umbria, where it starts the last week of April, to Rome where it ends on the 1st of May; from the 2014 the Descent is undertaken also with the Stand Up Paddling.
The 1st of May the paddling experience crosses the all city of Rome (RomeGRAtoGRA) and Stand Up Paddlers are welcome within the event SUPROME.

SUPROME,  this year at its second edition is not a race nor a competition. It is a 24 km paddling experience through time, crossing the "ethernal city" and passing under ancient and contemporary bridges. SUPRome is, however, a good way to train for racing.

The SUP race will be held the 1st of May year.

Below some usefull information on the event and the General Rules for participation.

SUPROME is a free event. It is compulsory, however, to book your participation at:

we need to know if you intend to carry your gear on our the bus (or if you will downloaded directly at the start) so that we can guarantee you a seat and space for your gear (for the gear in the luggage compartment of the bus please contact us first, and remember that the gear will travel at your own risk).

Being a free event we would really appreciate if you could publish on your Facebook timeline and page the well as inviting to it your FB friends (or any other social media).

At the arrival (approximately at 17.00-5pm)  it will be possible to use the facilities of the sport club were you can also park your car.
If you want it is possible to book for the evening meal at the club restaurant. We have arranged a fix price for a typical pizza, a suppli (fried rice balls) and soft drinks (for alcoholic drinks you can buy them directly at the counter).

For SUPROME are valide the General Rules described below for the DIT SUP descent, however be aware that you are crossing a big city and that we will paddle in a group; portage for the WW2 passages are easy and possible. Always follow the direction of the organizers and of the experienced paddlers appointed by the organization.

Partecipant will be given a sheet with the info on all the bridges we are passing by, so that you can enjoy even more the sightseeing of the city.

Planning for all the Descent DIT2016

For those wishing to participate in the DIT, from the beginning or after the first stage, it is preferable to arrive the night before at the place of accommodation (preferably by 6.00 pm), so to have time to seek information, prepare and meet the group. Only as a last option you can arrive the morning of departure, preferably by 7.00 am (note that in the morning the phones of the organizers only respond to service calls).

In general, in the morning the sports teams depart from the place of the overnight stay at 8:00 am. To achieve this, you must have had breakfast and procured supplies for packed  lunch.

In the transfer vehicle caravans, one must of course comply with the rules of the road (remember to refuel in advance!). In order to allow other vehicles to pass the caravan, to comply with the limits for speed of those travelling with trailers, and for reasons of road safety, the caravan travels at a reduced speed: usually 50 km/h on ordinary roads and 80 km/h on the E45 highway.

Organization bus will provide a shuttle return service to the day’s departure point for drivers who have advanced their car in caravan to the day’s arrival point.

Dinner is usually organized around 7.00 pm at local clubs and is full and abundant. Generally we are able to satisfy the demands of vegetarian meals. Whoever does not do the all-in registration and wants to join the dinner must book the day before and take the relevant coupon.

Overnight stays (with one’s own equipment) can be spent in covered structures, which may be very simple and sometimes without hot showers. These are kindly provided by the municipalities along the river side. It is normally possible to sleep in one’s own tent or camper, or book for a B&B  if wished.

The organization of a travelling sporting event is very complex. Participants should keep in mind that, in general, the organizers cannot be responsible for individual needs (but we try to help in emergency).

Logistic for the 1st of May-SUPRome

S (41.987857, 12.503508, Via Borgo San Lorenzo, Zona Castel Giubileo Roma-Lagottero) Start point from the river.

If you have to download your own gear (carried with your own vehicle) you need to be here by 08:15; then you need to dress up for the river, drive your vehicle (in which you have to carry your luggage) to the Arrival point (just the driver without any passengers), where you have to be by 9:45, to catch the organization bus that will bring you back to the Start point, so to begin the descent (please be aware that no items can be left at the Starting point.

A (41.858802, 12.469934-Lungo Tevere Dante-Polisportiva Ostiense Club) Arrival point. Here you can park your vehicle after you downloaded your gear at the Start point (see fig. for general issues on how we daily recover the vehicle before starting the descend).
The organization bus leaves from here at 09.45 back for the Start point.

WC portable toilets available for the participants halfway along the river banks.

If you think you can carry your gear on the bus (in the luggage compartment) without downloading it at the departure (e.g. inflatable boards-a pump will be available at the Start point) you need to be at the Arrival point by 09:15 to catch the bus; you need to be dress for the river and leave your luggage at the Club.

Please contact (to check if you can carry it of the bus). Please consider that no responsibility is taken for any damage to the gear in the luggage compartment).
Please be aware that the organization bus will be available only in the morning at 09:45 and if you leave your vehicle at the Start point you have to provide on your own to reach back the vehicle (cost of a taxi will be approx. 75 euro).
Any info: +39 3472439715

It is possible to hire boards and gear 

Here some suggestion to reach the airport from the arrival point (PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK YOURSELF ANY TIMETABLE)

For Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) airport:

For Ciampino airport:

Registration cost

Daily fee, including shuttle return service, dinner, overnight accomodation: 30 euros (if paid before the 20st of April 2016) by bank transfer or PAYPAL  (    iscrizioni). Cost of bank or paypal fees  (3.5%) need to be added to the total cost.

Only dinner: 20 euros

1 May SUPRome free of charge (neither dinner nor overnight accomodation provided).


The Tiber Descent for Stand Up Paddlers

Tiber is a WW 1-2 class river with a couple of WW 3 class passages, according to the water level; to escape these latter portage is normally possible.
As a general indication on the difficulty of the river for the daily stages:
  • 23 April 2016: WW 1-2, 30km
  • 24 April 2016: WW 1-2, 30km
  • 25 April 2016: WW 1-2(-3), 27km. Portage for the WW3 passages difficult but normally possible
  • 26 April 2016: WW 1-2, 23km
  • 27 April 2016: WW 1, 24km
  • 28 April 2016: WW 1, 22km
  • 29 April 2016: WW 1, 18km
  • 30 April 2016: WW 1, 15km
  •   1 May 2016-SUPRome: WW 1-2, 20km. Portage for the WW2 passages possible

Tiber Descent is open to all paddlers with experience and equipment suited to river white water up to class 1/2/3, according to the different daily stages. For all daily stages indicated as WW 1-2:
We recommend inflatable or PE boards; epoxy boards are not suited,
We recommend mutiple short and flexible fins, as the collision with rocks is frequent.
We recommend that boards be fitted with front and rear handles.
Obligatory Equipment: All stand up paddlers must wear:
  • a helmet suitable for paddle sports
  • a PFD (life jacket) suitable for paddle sports
  • sturdy neoprene river sport shoes
  • overall neoprene suit
  • coil leash
The descent of the river is carried out in a group and will be led by experienced paddlers: kayakers appointed by the organization as "head" should never be overtaken, nor trail behind the "tail". Participants must follow directions and the timetable set by the organization and the guides at the morning and evening meetings or during the descent.
WARNING: the descent of the river is at your sole responsibility; the organization cannot provide a prompt service and safety in the water as unable to follow a large number of participants on a path so long; the participant are invited to follow the directions given by this regulation and those given during the event.
Rules of good conduct
  • Communicate to the nearest experts the onset of problems, be they physical or related to equipment
  • Respect the advice of the more experienced and decisions of the guides
  • Never overtake the  trailblazer
  • Where required to follow the trajectory, pass in single file at a safe distance of at least 20 metres; if the orders or signals of the guides are not clear or understood, do not make the move
  • Do not intervene in the recovery from the water of a paddler if you are not able to do
  • In case of a transhipment, wait your turn, do not crowd and do not take independent initiatives
  • When ashore along the banks, put the paddle on the board

Tips to the paddle participants
Be aware that, from when you go into the water in the morning to when you disembark in the afternoon, you can rely only on what you have brought with you. So here we have...
Tips for beginners on clothing and supplies to carry aboard:.

  • It seems self-evident, but it is important to remember that it can be sunny or cloudy, it can get hot or cold, can be windy or rainy: the conditions can vary several times during the day. We may have to wait soaked and out of the water for hours in case of emergency. It is good to carry a spare dry wool or fleece (NOT cotton!) change of clothes: Socks, the “wooly undershirt of grandpa", cap. But it is also to bring your sunscreen!
  • Keep in mind that wet cotton absorbs bodyheat and is harmful in the event of adverse weather conditions; wool or fleece on the other hand, even when soaked, retain part of your body heat.
  • Sturdy shoes protect the foot and ankle both on the ground, during embarkation and disembarkation, and in the water in case of capsizing.
  • Remember that you are doing physical activity, and so it is good to bring water to drink!
  • Warm up before each departure, avoid getting wet right away if not properly equipped.

Further information ...
… can be requested to Andrea Ricci:
tel and whatsapp: +39 339 8808 312