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The International Tiber Descend (DIT) is a yearly paddling event lasting approximately one week, crossing central Italy, along the Tiber river, from Umbria, where it starts the last week of April, to Rome where it ends on the 1st of May; from the 2014 the Descent is undertaken also with the Stand Up Paddling.
The 1st of May the paddling experience crosses the all city of Rome (RomeGRAtoGRA) and Stand Up Paddlers are welcome within the event SUPROME.

SUPROME,  this year at its second edition is not a race nor a competition. It is a 24 km paddling experience through time, crossing the "ethernal city" and passing under ancient and contemporary bridges. SUPRome is, however, a good way to train for racing.

The SUP race will be held the 1st of May year.

Below some usefull information on the event and the General Rules for participation.

SUPROME is a free event. It is compulsory, however, to book your participation at:

we need to know if you intend to carry your gear on our the bus (or if you will downloaded directly at the start) so that we can guarantee you a seat and space for your gear (for the gear in the luggage compartment of the bus please contact us first, and remember that the gear will travel at your own risk).

Being a free event we would really appreciate if you could publish on your Facebook timeline and page the well as inviting to it your FB friends (or any other social media).

At the arrival (approximately at 17.00-5pm)  it will be possible to use the facilities of the sport club were you can also park your car.
If you want it is possible to book for the evening meal at the club restaurant. We have arranged a fix price for a typical pizza, a suppli (fried rice balls) and soft drinks (for alcoholic drinks you can buy them directly at the counter).

For SUPROME are valide the General Rules described below for the DIT SUP descent, however be aware that you are crossing a big city and that we will paddle in a group; portage for the WW2 passages are easy and possible. Always follow the direction of the organizers and of the experienced paddlers appointed by the organization.

Partecipant will be given a sheet with the info on all the bridges we are passing by, so that you can enjoy even more the sightseeing of the city.

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